Benjamin Moore: Missed Opportunity Benjamin Moore jumped into prankvertising with a great creative concept that garnered some decent momentum.  But sadly, the brand missed the opportunity to link the creative to the message (UltraSpec 500 goes on fast) and/or leave the viewer with an emotional connection to the Benjamin Moore brand. It's great to see some big brands [...]

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Adust yourself, Hanes

While Hanes is still overtly targeting men with Michael Jordan and lingering on the age-old "we-removed-itchy-tags" functional message to support their comfort "leadership", Saxx Underwear flips comfort on its head for the consumer living in 2013.  With an emotional appeal highly relevant to women, Saxx ladders male underwear discomfort up to the all too familiar [...]

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Storytelling at its best When viewers can see themselves in the story, there's nothing more compelling.  This viral prank drove an old cult horror into present day by unveiling a modern day "Carrie" at a NYC coffee shop.  Right timing (pre-Halloween) +  everyday setting + unexpected surprise = over 36MM views in less than a week.

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Hot Pockets’ Bold New Target, Occasion When most CPG companies would have focused on the functional “new and improved” premium ingredients, Nestle makes a bold move and goes directly for the emotional appeal to the largely ignored stoner cohort for the high-opportunity, late night munchie occasion.  Hot Pockets has steadily worked to create an authentic core of a hip, edgy [...]

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Smell ya Later, Febreze Air fresheners have been around for how many years now?  And not one major brand has nailed relevancy in product, concept, targeting, usage occasion, packaging, distribution, messaging and media choice like this one.   Shock value and humor aside, PooPourri understands the female consumer like these big brands don’t. This is a perfect demonstration of [...]

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Kit Kat Breaks Left In one swift, bold move, Kit Kat entered the Free Range arena in full throttle by branding the new Android phone, putting itself far outside its traditional marketing box.  Kit Kat put its toe in the free-range waters before, challenging Oreo to a public game of TicTacToe, (reinforcing its unique form, with Kit Kat [...]

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Let it Ride, Liquid Plumr With a view count climbing toward 1 million, Clorox remains fearless in the presence of youtube comments that would have most CPG giants running for cover.  FRBs don't scare easy. © 2014 Free-Range Brands LLC All Rights Reserved

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Be Brave, Mercedes. It’s all good. The unauthorized student video spoof of a young Adolf Hitler being run over by a Mercedes Benz C-Class,  sparked Daimler's discontent, despite its success.  The video has gone viral with over 700,000 hits and mostly positive reaction.  Brand issue or Brand opportunity?

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