FACEBOOK LIVE AUDIO: Wait, what? Let me pause my Podcast.

It wasn't that long ago that most people were skeptical about a resurrection of the 6-feet-under Podcast, which is now more alive and hotter than ever. But before we even see the heights to which Podcasting will soar, enter: Facebook Live Audio.  Live Audio will be tested with select partners such as BBC and Harper Collins over the [...]

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Facebook: How to stand up accusers, when you know they’re right.

When 44 percent of Americans adults are getting their news filtered through partisan sources and are consuming fake news as gospel, FACEBOOK found itself in the crosshairs of accusations that it influenced the presidential election with mis-information.  This week's new campaign deftly walks the line of recognizing its role as a purveyor of junk, while putting [...]

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Youtube gears up to take a whack at Facebook and Snapchat

The brand knows that Lords value Discovery, the sharing of information that is covert and limited to a select few. And YouTube has built its brand off of it.  But when it comes to community, most users are moving over to Facebook or Snapchat to connect with each other. Before the end of this year, [...]

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MTV “Hour one”

Monday, August 1, 2016 marks the 35th anniversary of the launch of MTV.  And on this day, VH1 Classic will be rebranded as MTV Classic to get back to its roots.  MTV "Hour One" will air the very first MTV show from 1981 and to sync with modern times, Facebook will, of course, be broadcasting live. [...]

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The Facebook Myth

In the face of the hottest Millennial and Gen Z apps like Snapchat and Musical.ly, Facebook is often branded as losing relevancy with the younger set. Not true. Certainly other forms of engagement are attracting attention, but Facebook continues to dominate and innovate, staying relevant and on trend. This week's results blew the doors off [...]

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