Living off the Brands

Pokemon Go, The Runner … Free Range Brands love to go real-time to stimulate intrigue.  So, in perfect Free Range spirit, Portland agency Roundhouse is launching its own real-time reality show, "Living off the Brands," sending a copywriter into the wilderness for 5 days with 15 brands including Adidas, Red Bull and … uh, Microsoft.  No [...]

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How to Market the Measles

Who would have ever thought profit driven brands and advertisers would seem more noble than our family doctors and the scientific community? Well that’s just what’s happening as this vaccination debate unfolds. In everyday consumer marketing, the veil of non-transparency has been lifted on everything from cleaning products to food. And it didn’t just happen [...]

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Hijacking IKEA and the Benefits of Brand-Jacking

Today’s brands are being challenged to interact with consumers in ways that can range anywhere from uncomfortable to illegal. And while most of our brands were built off the Soup Nazi model of marketing (we make - you buy!), today’s consumer expects a seat at the table. This past year, it was IKEA’s turn to decide how [...]

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The Truth Behind a Bad-Ass Brand

Today's brands are in the throes of a mid-life crisis.  Let's face it - traditional brands were simply not engineered to have purpose or passion - they were created in the problem/solution era of brand development. So, how does a corporate brand, often void of backstory, purpose and dimension, create a narrative that rivals the [...]

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