The Secret to Being a Bro

So what's their secret? Bro Milk. That’s right. But could Bro Milk actually be killing our Bros? Organic Valley’s Organic Fuel, made from real Organic Valley milk, has launched a PSA to help Save the Bros: Let the Milk Wars begin Starting with the last decade's all-out assault on Dairy, old school milk [...]

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Back from the Dead: PODCASTING!

  You heard me. Podcasts are about as hot as The Walking Dead. Making a raging comeback, revolutionizing the old medium with high quality production, juicy story-telling, and attracting droves of young, new listeners, Podcasts are a marketing field covered with untouched snow. Is it even possible? New terrain? Three Big Reasons to Pay Attention: 1. [...]

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Hijacking IKEA and the Benefits of Brand-Jacking

Today’s brands are being challenged to interact with consumers in ways that can range anywhere from uncomfortable to illegal. And while most of our brands were built off the Soup Nazi model of marketing (we make - you buy!), today’s consumer expects a seat at the table. This past year, it was IKEA’s turn to decide how [...]

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Is your Brand a Survivor or Roadkill?

Reebok’s new inspirational chicken isn’t the only brand hitting the open range. All our brands today are being faced with the choice to hide in the coop or jump into a new world, one that changes daily, faster than we can catch up. But there’s a difference between brands that take the leap and those [...]

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The Truth Behind a Bad-Ass Brand

Today's brands are in the throes of a mid-life crisis.  Let's face it - traditional brands were simply not engineered to have purpose or passion - they were created in the problem/solution era of brand development. So, how does a corporate brand, often void of backstory, purpose and dimension, create a narrative that rivals the [...]

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Kicking Mike’s ‘Ballz

Move over, Mike’s.  BUZZBALLZ is kicking you out of 2014’s summer party cooler.  Mike’s Hard Lemonade might have brought the sass in the past, but the brand was out-innovated in product and personality.   Floatable?  Non-Explodable?  Who wouldn’t want to go get one of these little balls for mere play value?  Dripping with personality, proof, real [...]

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The Most Blissful Break-Up

Millennials have had enough of suffocating contracts and phone-upgrade deprivation, and T-Mobile has come riding in to end the tyrannical reign AT&T has had over its captive citizens. Billing itself as the “Uncarrier,” Team Mobile is distancing itself from the bad behavior that stigmatizes the industry. Not only is T-Mobile fighting back, but the brand [...]

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Storytelling at its best When viewers can see themselves in the story, there's nothing more compelling.  This viral prank drove an old cult horror into present day by unveiling a modern day "Carrie" at a NYC coffee shop.  Right timing (pre-Halloween) +  everyday setting + unexpected surprise = over 36MM views in less than a week.

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Hot Pockets’ Bold New Target, Occasion When most CPG companies would have focused on the functional “new and improved” premium ingredients, Nestle makes a bold move and goes directly for the emotional appeal to the largely ignored stoner cohort for the high-opportunity, late night munchie occasion.  Hot Pockets has steadily worked to create an authentic core of a hip, edgy [...]

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Smell ya Later, Febreze Air fresheners have been around for how many years now?  And not one major brand has nailed relevancy in product, concept, targeting, usage occasion, packaging, distribution, messaging and media choice like this one.   Shock value and humor aside, PooPourri understands the female consumer like these big brands don’t. This is a perfect demonstration of [...]

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