How to Market the Measles

Who would have ever thought profit driven brands and advertisers would seem more noble than our family doctors and the scientific community? Well that’s just what’s happening as this vaccination debate unfolds. In everyday consumer marketing, the veil of non-transparency has been lifted on everything from cleaning products to food. And it didn’t just happen [...]

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YOU CAN RUN BUT YOU CAN’T HIDE Until a few years ago, the watchdog groups such as the Ralph Naders of the world tended to be sideline fanatics who often appealed to the fringe.  But gone are the days of company mis-steps or ugly baggage getting buried in the customer call center. Today’s brands are tested on a very public stage.  [...]

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The Death of the Brand Manager

For decades, a handful of large, brand monarchs ruled marketing empires, controlling the message, the airwaves and the channels. But now, consumers have broken through the gates and small brands are starting to win this game of thrones. The innovative, no name brands that were once too small to be any real threat are becoming [...]

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Benjamin Moore: Missed Opportunity Benjamin Moore jumped into prankvertising with a great creative concept that garnered some decent momentum.  But sadly, the brand missed the opportunity to link the creative to the message (UltraSpec 500 goes on fast) and/or leave the viewer with an emotional connection to the Benjamin Moore brand. It's great to see some big brands [...]

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Adust yourself, Hanes

While Hanes is still overtly targeting men with Michael Jordan and lingering on the age-old "we-removed-itchy-tags" functional message to support their comfort "leadership", Saxx Underwear flips comfort on its head for the consumer living in 2013.  With an emotional appeal highly relevant to women, Saxx ladders male underwear discomfort up to the all too familiar [...]

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