In a world where acronyms are favored over sentences, expressions are being replaced with images, and words r shrinking 2 the need-2-have letters, how’d you like to be in charge of bringing the DICTIONARY into the conversation?  

Well, if you’re the folks at Merriam-Webster, you give out free samples!  And because of that, Merriam-Webster is one of the most on-trend and relevant brands on the market today.  

So, how’d they transform the brand from dry to devourable?

Merriam-Webster takes trending conversations and puts a cherry on top. Starting with the 2016 Presidential Election and continuing today, Merriam-Webster taps into trending news by offering definitions of words that are spiking in search.  Augmenting regular and relevant conversation with clarity, personality and even dabbling in controversy, Merriam Webster samples its brand experience by offering a unique addition to highly relevant conversations.

Merriam-Webster tracks trending word searches to share out current news.

With this strategy, Merriam-Webster has been able to engage even the most lapsed dictionary users in the conversation, driving people to the dictionary’s website even if they aren’t looking up words. When they get there, they are further engaged with entertaining blogs, and shareable content.

The brand believes that “almost every current event can be boiled down to a question or definition to do with words.”

So if you don’t think you have anything to sample, why not serve up a free taste of your delicious personality?  If a dry reference tool can do it – you can do it too!



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