Today’s smallest brands have enormous untapped power. That power is often overlooked. (Surprisingly, it’s equally overlooked by the biggest brands, too.) But when recognized, it can ignite some serious momentum, loyalty and community … far beyond the best product-related sales pitch you can dream up.


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There’s great power in big vision. Driven by the desire to tear down the divide between those who have access to healthy food (monetarily or geographically) and those who don’t, the founders of Thrive Market found their big dream shut down by over 50 VC’s before they turned to building a network of more than 200 health and wellness investors.

Today, just 3 years later, Thrive Market is a robust online wholesale buying club that offers thousands of healthy items at steep discount prices. But more than a pricing model, Thrive is a community.

0cde87d8-25c6-43f5-92b1-c703e9542321“We want to be a trusted, curated source that makes healthy living easy, fun, accessible, affordable, and aspirational,” says Gunnar Lovelace, Thrive Market co-founder and CEO.

And with that, it’s igniting a fast-growing, grassroots community: members are also content contributors via Instagram and the active Thrive community, inherently drawing in new customers with inventive recipes and how-to’s. (see Mushroom Coffee below).

But Thrive is more than fun and healthy … the company is on a mission to make healthy living affordable and accessible for every American family.  For every paid membership, one gets donated to a family in need. In 2016, they gave away over 350,000 free memberships.  And the company has been putting consistent pressure on the USDA to accept food stamps online for the 23 million people that use food stamps but live in “food deserts,” where healthy options are not easily accessed.


Thrive Tries It: Does Mushroom Coffee Work Better Than Regular Brew?


Flying right under the nose of giant Whole Foods, Thrive Market must be highly selective about what products they stock, which is a small percentage of what you can find at Whole Foods. To that end, they are not a small fish in a big pond, but the largest non-GMO-only food retailer in the nation. And, with that precision, they are able to educate customers deeply about why they make the selections they make.

More than a brilliant service, Thrive Market is what all Free Range Brands are: a movement fist, a thriving company second.

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Consumers are hungry to be part of something bigger. And you are their leader … but of what? How can you lead a community towards something more? Something tangible; something they can all believe in? What could you and your community possibly co-create? What could your brand stand for and never give up on?  Ever?




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