Mail Shrimp? Kale Limp? Jail Blimp?  The popular newsletter creation service decided to play on its name to ignite a curiosity far and wide.

From bizarre short films called Mail Shrimp, Jail Blimp and Kale Limp to apps, fictitious websites and skin care regimens (WhaleSynth,  NailChamp, and SnailPrimp), the brand is engaging niche audiences with clever little hooks that all lead to the same place:  Mail Chimp:  the brand that lets you be you and gives you a range of tools to draw audiences in.

Here’s the video case study of the chatter behind the chimp:

Mail Chimp Goes Free Range:  CHECK IT OUT!

MAIL CHIMP:   Free Range Brands know that Lords value Discovery.   Engaging, talk-worthy, and shareable, Mail Chimp is spot on with the Lords. The key will be to flip this campaign to link to the values of Lovers.  Looking forward to what’s next!

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