Fallen Angel and Lululemon Founder, Chip Wilson, is back with his antics, this time wreaking havoc on the brand in the name of shareholder value.

Feeling neglected in a recent  shareholder meeting, he took his rant to the streets, buying a bus shelter ad in Vancouver that proclaims:

Lululemon’s business model is to have no debt and $1Billion in the bank and to be ready for an extraordinary opportunity. Under Armour is now weak. They have junk bond debt, too much inventory and technology purchases they cannot monetize.”

LULULEMON:   Once again, we see that the leadership (or in this case, even past leadership) matters when it comes to brand perception.  Chip Wilson is a brand unto himself and, as far as his brand goes, we should come to expect nothing less.  How does his behaviour impact the Lululemon brand?  Not good, as we’ve seen in the past.  More and more, consumer brands are inevitably linked to the organizations behind them.

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