Despite the divisive chatter that grown-ups have been modeling lately, at least parents and kid-focused communities can agree that we want our children to behave better than we are.  So, the silver lining in this tumultuous time we’re living in is that KINDNESS is shaping up to be the leading thematic trend for Kids in 2017. Sesame Street kicked off a Kindness Pop-Up Tour that will extend into a full-blown theme for 2017 with a year of kindness-teaching episodes.  Scholastic predicts kindness-themed books will top the charts in 2017 and a recent Nickelodeon study of Gen Z shows tolerance and understanding to be on the rise among children.

K IS FOR KINDNESS:  Well, you can’t ignore the A-list predictions on this one, and our belief is that this trend won’t be limited to kids.  2017 political backlash will likely have a silver lining of elevating kindness across all ages. Free Range Brands don’t sell function – they sell beliefs.  Maybe Kindness is one you can get on board with?



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