We all know Google’s tracking our every step, and now that data is being used to create one-of-a-kind attire. A new take on customization, Google, in partnership with H&M’s digital design house, Ivyrevel, will create a dress bedazzled with the routes you take throughout your week.  Yes! A wearable, personalized Google Map!  So, now, if your life wasn’t boring enough, you can flaunt your epic routine of errands, kids, and personal care on your dress!  And if your week is more exciting than that, one dress just might not be enough.

H&M & GOOGLE:  Consumers love personalization and creating a custom wardrobe based on one’s weekly routine would be pretty cool. But promising to solve the “I have nothing to wear dilemma,” with a wearable word cloud doesn’t seem like the solution to that problem.  A must-have novelty – perhaps.  A wardrobe revival?  Not a chance. Free Range Roadkill.


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