The greatest Free Range Brands show up where you’d least expect to find them.  But upon reflection, you might wonder what took them so long to get there. Pizza and weddings don’t go together ….  but Domino’s and wedding gifts? Why the hell not? Domino’s knows how to elevate pizza to iconic moments, and now, with the new Domino’s Wedding Registry, you can tap into the young generations’ love for experiential gifting over material goods.  Goodbye cold, empty place settings. Bring on the pizza!


DOMINO’S:   Free Range Brands don’t sell product; they sell experience.  And one great way to let consumers into participating with your brand experience is to create programs that invite them in.  It simply does’t matter if the Gift Registry becomes a “thing” or not … what matters is that Domino’s shows it’s a brand that knows how to bring the fun to the party  …  and that opens it up to communities to embrace it for its personality rather than reject it at face value.  In the picky world of Millennial Foodies, Domino’s knows how to get in the back door.


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