What do we really know about our pet’s healthcare?  We trust our vets to keep us on track … but are we being misled?  In the old world, where trust in authority figures reigned supreme, we defaulted to following the leader.  But in today’s world of hawkish viral visibility and tenacious transparency, Big Corp. Inc. is held to a new standard.

So, what’s MARS doing, launching a national land grab of vet chains?  Good question. Turns out the pet care business is big bucks and largely unregulated.  The latest article by my esteemed colleague, Rick Pandolfi, makes some compelling points that are worth considering.

Rick picks up where some important sharp reporting and analysis from Bloomberg and HBR leave off and extends those important ladders into areas of market awareness and social activation that will certainly have impact on Brand perception and performance in the future of our pet care.

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