Nascent rumblings are driving Free Range Brands to prick up their ears, while the rest of the roaming beasts hear nothing.  It’s the faint sound of what comes next when mobility leads to podcasts returning from the dead.  And that old, dead format of podcasting is now expected to explode in 2017.
(See Free Range Prediction 2015)

And now, as we get behind the wheel of any of the 200 new vehicle models that will be manufactured to carry podcasting technology in 2017, Free Range ears hear the faint sound of the return of one of the forgotten creative frontiers that is likely to be bringing up the rear of the podcasting revolution:  the jingle.  As we read, listen and view in technicolor, the tribal beat of a jingle uprising is in the wind.  (lookin’ at you, Jingle Punks)

Who’s going to break it out?
We think 2017 will show us.

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