CHATBOOKS: 1 million sold in the first 18 months with no advertising.  What’s next?

“Done is better than perfect” is the insight that led to the product concept and comes through loud and clear in the first video execution.

Prepare to hear more about the creatives behind the brilliance: The Harmon Brothers.  You might remember their last greatest hit: Squatty Potty.  For anyone who hasn’t indulged in the pleasure of it, here you go:

Amazing concept, product, and execution, but the real winners here are The Harmon Brothers, the creative minds behind these spots.  The team has seemingly unlocked the formula for viral video making:  the incarnation of human transparency served up in technicolor.  How long will it last?  Hard to say, but for now, it’s a great ride and will take Chatbooks to Squatty Potty heaven.

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