Most brands still can’t stop talking about themselves.  What they do, why you should consider them, how they’ll solve your problems, why they are better or different.  Or, worse, they just plaster billboards all over town desperately and ridiculously yelling their own name and nothing else.  (Lookin’ at you, YAHOO!)

The brands that strike the real chords share a common trait:  they don’t talk about themselves.  And, yes, even with daily expectations of content creation, they are able to engage us without pushing their “brand narratives.”  They find a way to reflect the audience’s story, not their own.

GoPro doesn’t sell GoPro.  You do.

GoPro had every reason to tout its superiority vs. any other camera on the market and showcase that through its unbelievable production quality and ease of use.  But instead, the brand let its users turn the lens onto themselves and tell their stories while the product remained behind the scenes.

The brand didn’t seek to surround itself with its own kind, narrowly engaging with its close-in base of extreme outdoor adventurers.  It put the idea of BE A HERO out for anyone to embrace, drawing in parents and dog owners.  GoPro didn’t bore us with its backstory or technology, but set the table for a community of people who share an interest in uniquely preserving their own passion, whatever that might be.   It didn’t force its hardcore adventurer street cred onto anyone, but let consumers find their own entry points to the brand. And they have, to the tune of 3.4MM subscribers to GoPro’s YouTube channel alone.

So before you start to engage by talking about yourself, remember:  it’s not what your product does, or why it’s different or better.  It’s no longer about putting your brand name front and center.  It’s just not about you anymore.  Put the microphone down.  Turn your cameras around and back off.   You might find your brand engages more when it talks about itself a little less.

“Seducers are never self absorbed.  Their gaze is directed outward,

not inward.  Self absorption is anti-seductive; it is a sign of insecurity.”

The Art of Seduction, by Robert Greene


GoPro falls into a pit of Rattlesnakes:  6.9MM VIEWS in one week, OCT 2015

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