Hey Millennials – remember mixtapes?

Oh, that’s because they’re basically playlists, except offline. Which really has nothing to do with Netflix’s new Flixtape launch, except maybe trying to force fit a play on words.

Meet Flixtape.  It’s like a Mixtape, but for Senior Citizens.

You can upload up to six whole titles from Netflix and give your FLIXTAPE … wait for it …. a name.

And then post it.

Yep. Mind-blowing. And about as enjoyable to use as the Netflix user interface itself.

And if you want to add more than 6, sorry. You have to delete one.

Oh, and you actually can’t do this from your Netflix account.

And you get the same random suggestions and useless searchability that you get from Netflix itself.

Come on, Netflix. You’ve got so much going for you. Are you having a senior moment? Get with it. The creative is irrelevant, uninteresting and the offering is uninspiring.

You’re losing your Lovers. Here’s what they’re saying …

  • “Seems kinda pointless Teal Spheal
  • “Unimpressed SwaggyT
  • “This video is so bad I’m deleting my Netflix Nobody for President
  • Hey, look Millennials, we’re cool” Syed Ahmed
  • “Ironically, due to the 30+ patronizing writers … everyone under 30 already knows what mixtapes are, and yet we’re constantly being reminded about them even though calling this like a mixtape isn’t even accurate. They’re just playlists.” An na

Perhaps you should consider some advice from your fading fans?

  • “Is anybody going to talk about how much ear cancer the opening song is? Acidify
  • “Hi Netflix higher ups, if you’re reading this; please look up Dragonball Z (animation) and see if their licensing is limited to Hulu or whatever, Thanks.” Iron Man Fu
  • “Yet they can’t give us a Shuffle Episode option hullstar 242
  • “This sounds like a terrible idea, but I’m happy at least someone is brainstorming new features in Netflix’s HQ Daniel Calsada
  • Why not mixflix? Sayakito Chi

In the end, one comment sums it up …

  • “Or maybe, just maybe, we could simply say “hey friend, watch this show” but that’s too simple I guess. Jordon Uhl

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