Hello … hello?

Oh.  There you are.

Hey Brand leaders – did you fall down another rabbit hole, rewriting your brand narrative again?  Where ya been?

Haven’t you spent the past 24+ months talking about getting into conversations? What’s up?  Cat got your tongue?

Well, if you haven’t noticed, we’ve got some intense debates and issues raging across our country and it seems that possibly you’ve forgotten the power of your voice.  And remember the Millennials? That cohort you all so desperately want to notice you?  They like to be part of big, inspirational stuff.  Like the stuff we kind of need right now.

They like to ignite movements, transform industries, change conversations, up-end laws.  They’re the most diverse and educated generation in our country’s history.  The Alpha Influencers.  The Wiki Generation.  I bet they might have something to say if someone would give them a platform to be heard.  We’re living in a capitalist nation.  Brands can be major forces for change.  Way more than old men doing sit-ins in Congress trying to figure out how to live stream when the media shuts down.

But that actually means jumping in.  Having a point of view.  Taking a chance on saying something that might not fly in BASES.  Stop thinking Facebook homage is conversation. It’s more of the old, safe, one-way stuff.

So, Brand Leaders and Visionaries: embrace your destiny. If you don’t, someone else will.  You have more power than governments … and with Millennials behind you, you are unstoppable.  Without them, you’re a commodity.

Stop being a product and start being a vehicle. Stop selling and start inspiring. Millennials are motivated by a vision larger than an unmet product need.  They don’t just want to co-create your new flavor; they want to co-create a new world. No one really wants to hear another story about your product. They want to be a part of a bigger story. One that includes them.

You have the media, the power, the creative talent and the opportunity to do something revolutionary.  In a totally unexpected way. That’s what we’re waiting for.  Come on now.

Weiden & Kennedy peeped up. Where’s everyone else?


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